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Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Simple Woman's Daybook for May

The Baroness's Daybook (as adapted from ....The Simple Woman's Daybook blog)

For Today..... "Fuer Heute Genug"

Outside My Window....the grass is green, trim, lush and freshly washed by a day of persistant Spring rain. The trees are coming into full flush. The Spring flowers have given their last gasp before beginning the retreat into the ground in preparation for next season. The flowering trees are in splendid glory.

I am thinking...I should get going and bachelor B-I-L is coming for a visit and by his phone call is about an hour(or less) out.

I am thankful.......that I get to celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow with my daughter (and her two little girls), who faced down death in March and won.

In the Dr. Viking, cleaning out the coffee pot from this morning's brew. Sirloin steaks will be marinating shortly, for this evening's fare.

I am wearing.....comfy jeans and sweatshirt....and fuzzy pink slippers.

I am niece/goddaughter's T-shirt quilt of most of her college T-shirts. All I have to do is border it, make the back and send it to the long armer for quilting. She graduated from college last May, but life and technical challenges (I'd never made a T-shirt quilt ever) came in to play and caused the delay.

I am going....nowhere today, except maybe grocery shopping to fill the larder here @ Thomas Haus in preparation for the company today and tomorrow.

I am the Summer will play out this year. We have vacation plans, plans for gatherings here, days at the beach, good books to read....hmmmm and perhaps I'll pick up the golf clubs....I have some fabulous looking equipment, shoes, it'd be a shame if I didn't.

I am reading....Sandra Dallas, "Alice's Tulips" as part of my Starwood Quilter reading group. We read and discuss the selection for each month and then make a quilt block (or two) to depict that book, by theme, location characters, ...or whatever inspires us from the book.
I am annoyed every time I pick the book up and begin reading. The main character is so annoying, immature and self centered I could spit. Perhaps the tide will turn as I get further into the book.

I am hoping....for grace and peace in the remainder of this season, continued blessing of good friendships and memorable gatherings.

I am looking the Grande Buffet, Mother's Day brunch @ CiC tomorrow. Two of the three children will be there, as well as my beautiful, beloved, treasured granddaughters.

I am to do improvisational piecing with the above mentioned T-shirt quilt. It turned out rather spectacular.  Picture to be posted soon.When it's finished it will no doubt be a treasure of memories of her college years for my neice.

Around the house...the graden beds have been freshly mulched. The big, red, outdoor pots are planted with deep red geraniums and white allysum and a green spike in the middle. When they are filled out and in full flush this summer they should be a treat for the eye.

I am pondering this morning.

A favorite quotes of the day....
"Not us...not this day...we are going home to our families!"
"A day may come when the courage of men fails....but it is not this day!"
"Courage is Faith in the face of fear!"

One of my favorite things....Red Geraniums!!! Nothing like them in full flush in the Summer. Perhaps it's genetic, a throwback to my German heritage.

A few plans for the rest of the week....quilt group Monday, rug hookers introductory class, Tuesday, working Thursday, friends for cookout of burgers, brats and beer (I'll have wine...hate beer) Saturday ...much more, but that's a start.

A peek into my day...picture to come soon.  :)

Joyfully submitted this day,
by the Baroness of Thomas Haus, Queen Yours Truly

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