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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

All Wonderous Things on the 1st of May

So 1st of May, someone hit a switch here in Northern Ohio and we hit Summer. The temperatures were in the mid 80's and the sun shone brightly all day. My Spring flowers are in full tilt. The tulips are hitting their stride. If these temps continue, they'll be gone by week's end. Enjoy the daffodil and the hyacinths pictures.

This is a momentous day, not just for the spectacular weather we had today, (considering ol' man Winter just kept hanging around), but because today my parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Theirs is a love story that spans 2 continents and a myriad of countries. It would make a fabulous movie. We made a wedding flower arch and installed it in front of their front porch steps. In Germany, where they are from, the neighbors in your town would decorate a wedding flower arch in honor of your special anniversary. Instead, my husband and I did it for them. They were tickled pink.
 Photo: Happy 60th Anniversary to my beloved in-laws, Leni and Heinz Pannenberg whom I've known now for 36 great years.  They have been parents to me in my adulthood and have always been there to support our family in good times and in bad, especially when we were newly married and struggling to get through dental school with a newborn.  So many, many great memories, drizzled with much affection and gratitude.  XO "Mutti and Vati" !!

Thanks Mutti and Vati for a wonderful journey and witness of faithful love. We know it wasn't always easy. We are so very blessed to be able to celebrate this monumental milestone with you. We're looking forward to celebrating with you at Mass this Sunday. Blessings to you both.

Respectfully submitted,
The Baroness von Thomashaus, Queen Yours Truly

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  1. I'm jealous of your lovely springtime - with flowers instead of snow! Congratulations to your parents as well.